Planika Fires create ethanol ventless fireplace with a real fire without any smoke.

Designed by distinguished designers modern fireplaces become focal points of exclusive interiors.
The design process of Planika Fires takes place in the Planika Studio. Success lies in designing a new form that addresses contemporary lifestyle. Design together with the technical knowledge and experience are the basis for every model.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Planika Fires use a special ethanol based fuel FANOLA.
As a result, the fire is free of smoke or smell.

Fanola® has been thoroughly tested and certified in many countries to confirm its safety for people and the environment when used in accordance with the label instructions and the product manual. Fanola® has been refined by a process of double rectification and is a renewable, green source of energy. When it burns, no smoke nor smell are produced only steam and carbon dioxide in proportions similar to the air we exhale.
Thanks to our patented technologies clients can be sure as to the safety of Planika products. We have developed and patented two fire technologies. Glassfire® technology ensure safety of usage as they have been thoroughly tested and received positive opinion from international certification bodies. The safety of our products and Fanola® fuel was confirmed by the following research centres:PZH, CNBOP, OMNI-Test Laboratories Inc. and American EcoLogo®

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