Planika Fires create ethanol ventless fireplace with a real fire without any smoke.

Designed by distinguished designers modern fireplaces become focal points of exclusive interiors.
The design process of Planika Fires takes place in the Planika Studio. Success lies in designing a new form that addresses contemporary lifestyle. Design together with the technical knowledge and experience are the basis for every model.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Planika’s L-shaped Success in New Jersey

The innovative L-shaped vent less fireplace has been recently used to decorate the Beacon Lofts in New Jersey, the so called fifth borough of New York City. The real estators from the Helstead Properties picked the L-shape model to add some warm charm to their luxurious live/work condominiums. The home/office idea gains interest among young professionals who seek solutions fusing living and working environments proving that Planika’s products may be successfully arranged in versatile interiors.
L-shape, which runs on bioethanol based Fanola® fuel, is safe to use and completely environmentally friendly. Beside those features, the fact that it can be easily moved, as the L-shape is not restricted by a chimney, is a key decision factor for young, mobility oriented people.

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  1. wow! this looks really great! how much are these? and how long do they burn for?

  2. The average burning time is between 3,5 - 6h depending on the flame size - you can adjust it according to your needs. And you're rght, it does look amazing, but it is just one of our jaw-dropping models ;) You can see the whole collection on our website. You will also find sales contacts there to inform you about the price.

  3. Mindblowing. It looks so good, comfortable and cozy. Thanks for the details