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Monday, February 22, 2010

Aromatherapy in the Office

Office is usually associated with a place in which you perform your daily work routines and spend most of your time there. What to do in order to make your workplace more attractive? You can place photos on your desk, you can bring potted plants to liven up the space. However, these means will only influence the mood of one person – the occupant of the desk. What can be done in order to stimulate the whole group? To enhance the working atmosphere and create a positive vibe throughout the whole office? The simplest solution is to start using aromatherapy in the office. A small portable biofireplace will not only change the overall mood but is a great facilitator of spreading a scent. It has been scientifically proved that a nice smell boosts the atmosphere and stimulates positive attitudes. Scientists looked into different types of scents, like floral, wood and citrus aromas and their influence on employees. The conclusions were following:

• Morning – citrus scents as they are fresh and stimulating.

• Afternoon – floral scents as they are stimulating neural activity and at the same time are soothing.

• Evening – wood scents as they relaxing and calming.

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