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Monday, March 29, 2010

Planika revolutionizes the bio fireplace sector

By presenting its newest model, Planika sets new standards for the market. Fire Line is a bio fireplace producing flame of unprecedented length - 800mm (31.5in). Its burner is supplied with innovative technological solutions increasing the user’s safety and maximizing the fuel efficiency.

Fire Line is the only bio fireplace on the market supplied with electronic sensors controlling the fuel level and the temperature of the whole appliance. New construction of the burner guarantees burning time for up to 7 hours with regular size and natural colour flames.

Fire Line model comes in one piece and does not require connecting to any kind of installation. It gives you limitless possibilities of arrangement and wide range of applications – for an installation in private apartments and in commercial spaces: hotels, bars, restaurants, as well as in representative office areas.

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  1. Fire Line sounds great! Is it easy to manage chimney repairs if things get tough?