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Friday, October 19, 2012

Saniya Chughtai’s project with the Fire Line Automatic

It’s not a secret that Fire Line Automatic is considered as the best solution for interior designers. Planika’s wonderful fireplace, included in the interior design project created by Saniya Chughtai has helped her to win the INDEX Contemporary Majlis Design Competition!

We are really proud that the bio fireplace enriched Saniya’s project. Saniya is a Dublin-based interior and architect designer with a great passion for design that exceeds even the highest expectations of clients from different cultures. Therefore, it was quite obvious to us that she would choose the famous automatic bio fireplace created by Planika, thanks to which her project has gained uniqueness and elegance and, as a result, has been honoured with the ‘People’s Choice Award’ first by the team of independent judges and then by the public vote. It proves that Fire Line Automatic is the best option for every interior, even for the most prestigious and luxurious!

Planika Fire Line Automatic ethanol bio fireplace

Saniya’s choice of our product as a warm complement to the luxurious interior of majlis (the heart of any Arabic home). Her winning design has combined tradition with contemporary and cutting edge design. The Fire Line Automatic introduced warmth and added a perfect finishing touch to the whole interior, making it absolutely marvellous.
Our outstanding bio fireplace has also been a part of The Kontainer’s exhibition during the INDEX International Design Exhibition in Dubai. It was a great advantage that allowed Planika to establish valuable connections with the professionals of design and architecture industry. Thanks to that we are reaching new projects in the Middle East region.

We would also like to thank The Kontainer company for the promotion of our fantastic fireplaces in Dubai during the INDEX International Design Exhibition.
Planika ethanol fireplace
Planika ethanol fireplaces INDEX

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