Planika Fires create ethanol ventless fireplace with a real fire without any smoke.

Designed by distinguished designers modern fireplaces become focal points of exclusive interiors.
The design process of Planika Fires takes place in the Planika Studio. Success lies in designing a new form that addresses contemporary lifestyle. Design together with the technical knowledge and experience are the basis for every model.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Rondo Commerce

Would you like to have a unique, modern ethanol fireplace? Planika has just introduced a perfect solution! The new Rondo Commerce is a wonderful manual insert, ideal for all kinds of interiors and outdoor areas. With the sophisticated Rondo Commerce, which is a new, improved version of the old Rondo product, you can either enrich your private apartment or commercial area with a beautiful, golden fire or use it as a marvellous outdoor decoration, lightening your terrace or garden during summer evenings. 

Thanks to the advanced Commerce burner the product is completely safe and the burning time extended to even 6 hours. It is also resistant to weather conditions thanks to the high quality materials used in the production process. And if you’d like to have Rondo Commerce somewhere else after a while, simply take it out of the furnishing and place it anywhere you wish. Choose the new, fantastic Rondo Commerce, place it in any furnishing item and enjoy the magnificent flames dancing in the glass cylinder!

Planika - Rondo Commerce
Private Residence, Poland

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