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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TV mounted over a bio ethanol fireplace

Putting a television and a fireplace on the same wall seems to be one of the most popular trends in interior design at the moment. TVs are being mounted above fireplaces to give an extra sense of style to luxurious spaces. Whether you choose to have them over and under or side by side, some of these winning fireplace and television combinations could help you find a sophosticated look. Here are a few ways to use bio ethanol fireplaces.

"In this interior we have a unique sheet of black glass, behind which we hid a TV together with the surroundings made of tempered, black glass. This glass protects the TV from the heat coming out of the bio fireplace. It was an idea of creating an integrated wall, which from the beginning was supposed to be the media wall, but in the end we decided to put it together with a highly decorative bio fireplace which provided us with the beauty of fire". - Marcin Konopka, Ministerstwo Spraw We Wnętrzach.

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