Planika Fires create ethanol ventless fireplace with a real fire without any smoke.

Designed by distinguished designers modern fireplaces become focal points of exclusive interiors.
The design process of Planika Fires takes place in the Planika Studio. Success lies in designing a new form that addresses contemporary lifestyle. Design together with the technical knowledge and experience are the basis for every model.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stunning fireplace for your bedroom

The natural golden flames in a private bedroom can create a wonderful, cosy atmosphere that can help to relax and gain new energy.

It’s attractive. Bioethanol fireplace can draw out of the daily problems, giving the evenings at your comfy sleeping area a unique character. It’s soothing and inspiring. It also enhances the beauty and adds a perfect finishing touch to every interior.

It’s comfortable. For real convenience you can consider an ethanol fireplace with a remote control (Fire Line Automatic) that will allow you to turn the unit on and off without ever venturing out of your comfortable bed. The bio fireplace can as well be integrated with the Smart Home system, giving even more possibilities to control it with various devices.

It’s safe. Thanks to the use of the recommended Fanola® fuel and the implementation of the patented BEV technology, the bio fireplace is completely smokeless, does not leave ash or smell. Bio fireplace is made of the highest quality materials and is equipped with numerous safety sensors monitoring the work of the device. With Planika’s bio fireplaces we do not have to worry about uncontrolled vapour ignition or overheating of the furnace.

It’s eye-catching. Bedroom fireplace is an uncommon luxury, and can be a romantic addition to almost any room.

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